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Owed $700K, now owes $435K—never paid late!

I owed over $700,000 on my home. My rate had gone adjustable, and my payment had jumped up several hundred dollars a month. To make matters worse, work had cut back my hours so I was making less money. I called the lender to ask for a loan modification. They basically blew me off. Premier took over negotiations on my behalf. By the time they were done, I went from owing $705,000 with a 7.25% interest rate, to owing $435,000 with a 30 year fixed rate of 5.0%. On top of that, I NEVER paid late on the mortgage. Premier literally saved my house! I would recommend them 100% to anyone. They are who they say they are!

Larry W., San Juan Capistrano


Growing family was trapped in an “upside-down” condo

We were painfully upside down $165,000 in our condo. We wanted to move up into a house to accommodate our growing family. We could afford a house at today’s prices, but could not afford to pay out-of-pocket to get out of our condo. Premier negotiated for us to get out of our condo loan, and set us up with a new mortgage for the house. We moved directly into our new, beautiful home, and are thrilled with our excellent 30-year fixed rate terms. I didn’t think this was possible.  Thank you, Premier!

Theresa G., Foothill Ranch


Settled debt, and NEVER paid late

When I first met with Premier, I thought I might have to sell my condo— I owed way more than it was worth (about $110,000 more) and struggled to make the payments. But the Premier team negotiated a settlement with my mortgage for pennies on the dollar. I now owe what the home is worth and can comfortably afford to keep it. Almost as good—I NEVER had to pay late on my mortgage! My credit is still great!  Thank you guys!

Jahayra B., Mission Viejo, CA


Short Sold and bought again in just a few months

I had fallen behind on my mortgage, was hopelessly upside down on my home (almost $200,000) and ended up short selling. I thought I would not be able to buy for years. That is what my bank told me. That is what all the real estate agents told me. But Premier got me into a new home loan with FHA less than 3 months after my short sale. I now have a nicer home, in a much better neighborhood, in an area I thought I would never be able to afford! This has been an amazing blessing.

Marilyn H., Santa Clarita


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