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Premier Realty and Financial Group has earned a reputation for saving its customers tens of thousands of dollars by offering strategic advice and sound negotiation.

In your current situation, you may have been told that you don’t qualify for a home loan – or the rate you have is as good as you can get.

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Premier Realty and Financial Group offers the most complete range of loan products in the country. This includes new Federal loan programs through FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Veterans Administration. Our experienced mortgage
professionals specialize in finding competitive financing for people who have been turned down elsewhere.

Have you been told you need a large down payment to buy a home?

Not true! We can qualify you for very low payments without a significant down payment, and with little or NO credit history – you simply need to be able to prove your income.

Less than perfect credit. We specialize in helping borrowers even if their credit is not perfect. You still could qualify for competitive rates and big savings – particularly if you have a good rental or mortgage payment history.

Call today, without obligation, to see what you qualify for. We think you will be surprised by your new loan options.