Why Premier?

Why work with Premier Realty?

Are today’s financial pressures making it difficult to impossible to keep up with your mortgage payments? Are you swamped with calls and mail from attorneys and loan mod companies promising to help you (after you pay them $3,000?!)

Is there a better way to explore your options?


Let us show you a smarter, safer, and truly strategic approach to saving your home.

Premier is special in two very important ways:

  1. NO advance fees of any kind. All fees we earn are 100% contingency based. If we cannot help you, you do not pay. You do not risk a dime for our assistance—you know, the way it should be! If loan modification attorneys and companies are so sure of their ability to help you, then ask yourself: why don’t they do it this way?
  2. Explore ALL your options. If you go to a loan modification company and are not offered a decent modification, what do you do? Say goodbye to your $3,000 fee and start all over.

If you talk to a bankruptcy attorney, they will suggest you use bankruptcy to solve your financial problem. Why? That is all they do! They will charge thousands of dollars and are only able to attempt their extreme approach. Are more focused negotiations likely to produce better results? You owe to yourself to find out!

Similarly, if you call a real estate agent, they will eagerly argue for you to sell your house. Why? Because that is what they are trained to do. It is all they know. A “short” sale may be a good choice, but most people would like a chance to explore other options before resolving themselves to this course of action. Don’t you first want to KNOW you have NO other choice before giving up your home?

That’s where Premier comes in.

At Premier, we will help you explore every option, allow you to do the math, and make an informed decision regarding what is best for you. Our team of experts will leave no stone unturned and the entire process can be pursued without you under any financial obligation—what a unique concept!

Why do we work this way? Because we want you to know that we have a financial incentive to work hard for you. And we like to sleep at night. Who wants to take a struggling home owner’s last $3,000 as they fight to keep a roof over their children’s head? Not us!

This is business with a conscience. We think we have a better way of doing business, and we think we can help you. Before you write anyone a check, please give us a call.